About Goldfish

Goldfish Web?
On the line since september 2011.
Online kids fashion shop for boys and girls from 0 to 16 years old.
Goldfish Store?
Since september, Goldfish can be found in the hippest neighbourhood of Mechelen: Goldfish Kids Web Store, Onze Lieve Vrouwstraat 118. Open from Monday till Saturday 10h-18h. 
Goldfish.be is your webshop for filling your little tot’s wardrobe! You don’t even need to get out of your seat, you can do it during your lunch break at work (kicking back relaxing, just don't forget to keep your homebanking gadgets handy) and free up your Saturday for something even more fun than shopping.
Who do you find behind the screen?
Eva, a big online shopper, fashion enthusiast and mother of the two sweetest girls on Earth.
 (in random order): her sweet goldfish clients, making goldfish packages, Renée and Jeanne, Steve the superman, bubbels and beer, shoes, holliday and organising parties.
If you have any questions, special requests, wishes, or comments whatsoever, one address: 
Eva Devisch
Onze Lieve Vrouwstraat 118,
2800 Mechelen
+32 478 34 01 64
Happy shopping!
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